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Requirements Driven Risk

Requirements Driven RiskModern systems are becoming progressively more complex. G-MARC enables the Project Manager to capture requirements, engineer them into a sanitary state and manage their implementation. In addition it provides the ability to measure complexity in a specification of requirements for any proposed system in an objective and repeatable manner. This enables knowledge to be accumulated and managed in a way that can be made available to all allied projects.

If you are not able to measure and manage the complexity of your system specification, and thereby the associated risk, as it develops, how can you possibly be confident of the extent to which your system is able to be realised?

There are many contributions to project risk and one of the most fundamentally important is the intelligibility of the specification. The extent to which a specification is able to be misinterpreted is directly proportional to the extent to which the associated project is at risk. G-MARC provides comprehensive facilities for both measuring and eliminating this type of risk.

More than 90% of all projects are initiated with seriously deficient specifications. Can you afford to take the risk that your project is not one of these by not taking advantage of ISA's Free Audit offer - see the Requirements Health Check at the end of this Profile.

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Requirements Engineering

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