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G-MARCThe Generic-Model Approach to Requirements Capture has been acclaimed, by the UK Ministry of Defence, as the best-of-class approach to the handling of requirements. At the time of going to press, G-MARC constitutes the only commercially available, fully developed, Requirements Handling methodology and supporting software. Requirements Handling involves capture, engineering and management activities and, whilst all three are important, requirements engineering is vital. Any project that starts with a well-engineered specification of requirements is inevitably subject to less risk in terms of cost and timescale than one that doesn't. The crucial question therefore is how is it possible to measure the quality of a specification. G-MARC provides its users both with this ability and the ability to make measurable improvements. An evaluation copy of the G-MARC software may be down-loaded via the last item in the Services section of this website.

Like the master chess player, the professional Requirements Engineer needs to employ a strategy which ensures that all components are correctly positioned in an appropriate structure, as early as possible, in order to minimise future risk. Together with its suite of supporting software, the G-MARC methodology provides project managers with dramatically powerful capability in this context. If you are not able to measure the quality of your specifications, you cannot possibly know how good they are. Can you really run the risk of relying on optimistic guesswork? If you are not certain you are managing the development of the right thing, what greater risk can there be to the success of your project?

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Requirements Driven Risk

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