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INTRODUCTIONInformation System Architects (ISA) can draw upon more than 50 elapsed years experience of delivering leading edge technology solutions and associated consultancy throughout Europe. As a result of all this experience ISA has developed a uniquely effective requirements engineering methodology (G-MARC) and supporting suite of software tools which is aimed, in particular, at ensuring that any project is able to commence with a clear and unambiguous statement of requirements of measurable quality and which is structurally and functionally correct. There is widespread lack of appreciation, in all sectors, of the importance of this subject and of the fact that conventional Requirements Management tools do not solve the problem. A number of major international organisations, such as IBM in the US, the EEC in Brussels, the European Space Agency and many Government organisations, have devoted significant effort to the selection and development of tools to address this pivotal problem. Yet they have all utterly failed to recognise the underlying structural and language problems involved.

The specification of requirements is a vitally important aspect of the start phase of EVERY kind of project. A survey, carried out by the US based Standish Group, of executive managers' opinions as to why projects are impaired and are ultimately cancelled, ranked poor quality requirements top of the list. As a result of the successful application of its unique methodology across all kinds of projects ISA has specialised in this area for more than 40 years.

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