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G-MARC products range from a low cost requirements Capture and Management capability, through natural language semantic analysis and Generic Knowledge acquisition up to a full Behavioural Modelling and system testbed facility .
G-MARC GBP100.00
G-MARC Version 5.01
This version of G-MARC constitutes entry level construction capability in a Requirements Engineering ...

G-MARC GBP200.00
G-MARC Version 5.02
This version of G-MARC comes to the rescue in those situations where the structure of the application ...

G-MARC GBP300.00
G-MARC Version 5.03
This version of G-MARC provides the Knowledge Acquisition and the Generic Modelling capabilities which ...

G-MARC GBP400.00
G-MARC Version 5.04
The complexity of modern systems continues to increase. This version of G-MARC solves information crosslinking ...

G-MARC GBP500.00
G-MARC Version 5.05
The most powerful version by far. This version of G-MARC adds dynamic behavioural modelling capabilty ...

GASP Licence GASP Licence
G-MARC Application Service Provider (GASP) licences are available to those organisations who wish to ...

Knowledge Bases Knowledge Bases
This product constitutes a family of already populated generic knowledge bases from which clients may ...

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