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Requirements Engineering 
Standard Plans
Standard Plans
G-MARC Requirements Engineering (RE) provides a progressive, phased approach to the process of ensuring the quality of requirements documentation throughout the lifetime of the associated project. This service is provided by ISA, either on a 'Requirement set' basis or on a 'document set' basis or on a 'business' basis, to those clients who do not wish to acquire RE skills but nevertheless wish to avail themselves of the benefits of having their requirement specifications engineered to a measurably acceptable quality. With the 'business' basis option all requirements handling activities are effectively out-sourced to ISA.
Benefits Include:
  • ISA assumes responsibility for all requirements handling.
  • Highly trained experts are immediately available.
  • No 'training on the job' delays.
  • Minimises time-to-completion.
  • No software acquisition costs.
  • No training costs.
  • No GURU support costs.
  • No Hot-line support costs.
  • No diversion off client staff from existing duties.
Professional Requirements Engineers transform informal, loosely defined, unstructured requirements into a structured set of demonstrably viable, objective requirements which have measurable quality. As a result, these requirements can be used with confidence for contracting purposes and they can be used throughout the lifetime of the system to control and guide evolution in the confident knowledge that the right system is being implemented. Standard Methods
Standard Methods


  • Subjectivity is eliminated
  • Requirements are converted to comprehensible atomised form.
  • All requirements are provided with acceptance tests.
  • Intrinsic application structure is identified.
  • Ommissions and inconsistencies are detected.
  • Completeness and consistency is assured.
  • Correctness is guaranteed
  • Dynamic viability is verified.
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