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We can go anywhere
We can go anywhere
First time or 'irregular use' clients normally require a certain amount of Guru level support to get their projects under way. ISA provides this service on a daily or an 'as and when needed' basis using highly trained professionals who are able to immediately assume effective roles in any project.
Benefits Include:
  • No Training or set-up costs/delays
  • Instant expertise is available to be deployed on the project.
  • Client staff are able to be made rapidly effective.
Typically new users of G-MARC require about 3 man months of GURU level support during the course of a one year project. The ready availability of such support - particularly during the early part of any project - ensures that everyone involved adheres to the methodology. This ensures that maximum benefit is obtained and that there is minimum opportunity for misinterpretation and relapses to old ways of doing things. Alternatively, for those organisations which only have an occasional need yet wish the work to be carried out on their own premises, ISA can field a team of consultants to work with client staff for the duration of any project. We can handle any specification
We can handle any specification
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