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G-MARC Version 5.05
Behaviour Modelling and Animation.
Behaviour Modelling and Animation.

The most powerful version by far. This version of G-MARC adds dynamic behavioural modelling capabilty to the static modelling capability of Version 5.04. Textual descriptions are automatically translated into animatable graphical form and vice versa. With the extensive facilities which it provides in support of multi-level Application Modelling, Animation, Dynamic Behaviour Analysis, Fast Time Statistical Testing and Synthetic Environment Generation facilities, G-MARC Version 5.05 is second to none for the specification of any kind of system. The use of facilities of this kind enables truly enormous cost savings to be affected during subsequent real system testing.
Capabilities Include:
  • Dynamic behaviour modelling.
  • Scenario definition
  • Correctness proving.
  • Structural integrity development.
  • Mode exercising and test scheduling.
  • 'What if' exercises.
  • Emergent Properties Analysis
  • Test-bed development
Facilities Include:
  • Boolean logic with unlimited nesting.
  • Powerful event handling functions.
  • Stochastic signal generators.
  • Probability based event handling.
  • Synthetic environments.
  • Model Instrumentation & Monitoring
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