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G-MARC Version 5.04
Complexity Management
Complexity Management

The complexity of modern systems continues to increase. This version of G-MARC solves information crosslinking problems of indefinite complexity - both within and between documents - whilst at the same time enabling complexity to be measured, and therefore managed. Any part of any specification is able to be dynamically associated with any other part in any document set held in the G-MARC database, in whatever manner is desired. Thus, for example, the knock-on consequences of change are instantly visible to whatever extent they may propagate. This capability is used to help minimise the risk of ad hoc changes causing unforseen consequences.
Capabilities Include:
  • Complexity Metrics
  • Linking between requirements
  • Linking between documents.
  • Linking groups of requirements.
  • Linking attributes and constraints.
  • Linking Networks
  • Hierarchical Linking
  • Multi-Layer Interdependencies
  • ... and many more.
Facilities Include
  • Unlimited Alarm definitions
  • Automatic Change Warnings
  • Nested searches
  • Causal loop detection and alerts.
  • Automated hierarchy development.
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