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G-MARC Version 5.02
Structural Rescue
Structural Rescue

This version of G-MARC comes to the rescue in those situations where the structure of the application is poorly defined - almost invariably the case. It includes the same features as Version 5.01 but with the addition of natural language semantic analysis, the ability to decompose requirements into atomic forms, regularise expression and it provides facilities to support objective acceptance test development. All this capability provides the necessary foundation for multi-dimensional structuring. This type of structuring enhances semantic clarity and provides the additional and consequent ability to conduct, for example, reverse engineering of user requirements from system specifications. It also supports and provides facilities for, the rapid evaluation of the cost and/or time implications of any changes to the system being specified.
Capabilities Include:
  • Requirements Atomisation.
  • Morphological Analysis.
  • Grammatical Analysis.
  • Natural Language Parsing.
  • Acceptance Test development.
  • Semantic Analysis.
  • Information Sorting.
  • Information Clustering.
  • Generic Structuring.
  • Cost/Effort/Time Estimating.
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