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G-MARC Version 5.01
Entry level User
Entry level User

This version of G-MARC constitutes entry level construction capability in a Requirements Engineering context. The G-MARC Operator is provided with a wealth of facilities for automatically capturing information from other sources, which may be expressed in a large variety of formats, into a standard, objective form which provides the necessary foundation for the development and Management of high quality specifications. Information Management and Multi-Level Security facilities are provided to organise and protect valuable or sensitive information. In addition a powerful Report Generator is included which can be easily configured by the User using a simple tick-list mechanism to control the automatic production of a wide range of reports directly into Microsoft WORD. Using the same simple User interface these reports can be configured to produce documents containing any mixture of text (tabular or free format), hierarchical structure diagrams, multi-dimensional matrices and dataflow diagrams.

No programming expertise is required in order to produce G-MARC reports or to interface G-MARC to other packages.
Capabilities Include:
  • Information Capture.
  • Content Identification.
  • Multi-User Interface.
  • Information Cleansing.
  • Quality Measurement.
  • Subjectivity Removal.
  • Traceability Maintenance.
  • Attribute Management.
  • Change Control/Management.
  • Security control.
  • Automated Report Generation.
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